FODMAPs week five: Feeling better but eating worse

No more tasty salad.
No more tasty salad.

I can now say for sure that the FODMAPs diet is definitely working for me.  Since I started I’ve had hardly any stomach aches, far less bloating, and none of the stabbing pains that have really laid me low over the last year or so.  The only problem?  I’m eating terribly!

Because it’s so hard to find processed or pre-packaged food that is FODMAPs friendly, and because I’m so busy at the moment (lots of work commitments and a horrible amount of house-hunting), I’m really struggling to eat healthily.  In an ideal world, I would be making healthy snacks at home, and always getting home in plenty of time to cook a nutritious meal.

In reality, I’m cramming down a packet of hula-hoops and a chocolate bar in the time between the end of work and my first flat viewing of the evenings.  Ready salted hula hoops and dairy milks are allowed by the diet, but they’re not healthy.  I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I can 100% vouch by the waistband of my skinny jeans that I haven’t lost any weight, and if this carries on, I’ll be gaining weight if I’m not careful.

Ending up eating too many carbs is a danger a lot of vegetarians fall into, especially when they’re new to the vegetarian lifestyle.  I found that myself when I was a student, and ate pretty unhealthily for a while and kept getting ill.  Then, I broadened my outlook on food, started eating all sorts of different things – hummous, lentils, every type of bean under the sun… all the foods I can’t eat on the FODMAPs plan.

As I get towards the end of the diet, I’m beginning to know which were the foods which were causing me the most problems.  And some of those vegetarian staples – lentils, beans, and pulses generally, are massive red flags for me now.  If I’m seriously going to cut them out of my diet in the long term, I’m going to have to be really careful to make sure I’m eating enough healthy options, and not just a pile of carbs every meal with vegetables when I have time.

That said, any FODMAPs followers out there looking for a quick meal: the Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Mac & Cheese is delicious and cooks in the microwave in 6 minutes.  So if you have an urgent need for a delicious, warm carby meal, that’s my top suggestion at the moment.


One thought on “FODMAPs week five: Feeling better but eating worse

  1. Ugh I had to give up beans too. Im finally reintroducing certain higher fodmaps in small amounts and seem to be ok. It’s still hard to prep ahead so I feel ya there but I’m so limited I have to cook everything 😩


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